Meet Huai Hsiang Wang, a skilled practitioner and traditional Chinese Kung Fu teacher. With a passion for martial arts theory and practice, he began his journey at the young age of 14, exploring multiple disciplines to enhance his knowledge and skill.

Starting with the Eight Step Praying Mantis system, which he learned from his father, the late Grand Master Wang Chieh, Huai Hsiang Wang went on to assimilate “hardcore” application skills from various martial arts systems such as Tai Chi, Hsin Yi, Aikido, and Judo.

In 2001, Huai Hsiang Wang underwent an internal transformation, shifting his mental energy from dispersion to harmonization. This transformation allowed him to reveal the dimension of internal energy, intuitively seeing the answer to all questions regarding the essence of the art, both martially and spiritually, from within himself.

Drawing from his extensive studies in T.C.M. and both Eastern and Western spiritual contexts, Huai Hsiang Wang has developed a deep understanding of Taoism, Buddhism, and Nisargadatta Maharaj, which he combines with his martial arts expertise to teach Prana Dynamics, the essence of Chinese Kung Fu.

Through the touch of an epiphany, Huai Hsiang Wang has summarized the essence of Chinese Kung Fu into “Prana Dynamics,” literally life energy in animation. He has taught Prana Dynamics internationally in workshops ever since, using a unique process he calls “Self-Validation” to digest and internalize acquired knowledge. Join him on this journey to explore the rich tradition of Chinese Kung Fu and unlock the power of Prana Dynamics.