Mark Rasmus is a renowned master of the internal arts whose journey began in the late 1970s. Combining his expertise in martial arts and Hermetics, Mark developed the Elastic Force System, which he has taught to thousands of students, teachers, and masters worldwide over the course of more than three decades.

Mark is dedicated to creating masters and teachers in every discipline and area of expertise to raise group consciousness and make an evolutionary impact. His teachings cover a broad range of internal martial arts, including Tai Chi, Chi Kung, and Hermetics, based on profound internal principles that are proven to deliver fast results.

With Sifu Mark’s guidance, you will gain invaluable knowledge and skills to deepen your understanding and practice of the internal arts. Join us and experience firsthand the transformative power of Mark’s teachings.


Introducing Master Nima King, the esteemed founder of Mindful Wing Chun and a world-recognized inheritor of the CST Internal Wing Chun system. With a lineage traced back to the legendary Grandmaster Chu Shong Tin, Master Nima is hailed as a custodian of this exceptional martial art form.

Master Nima’s dedication to mastering the art is unparalleled, having spent more time training under Grandmaster Chu than any other non-Chinese disciple in the past 60 years. His journey began under the tutelage of the late Grandmaster Chu Shong Tin, a direct disciple of the legendary Grandmaster Ip Man.

Despite Grandmaster Chu’s passing, Master Nima’s commitment to the practice remained unwavering, earning him the esteemed position of one of the senior instructors at the Chu Shong Tin school. His extensive training and profound understanding of CST Wing Chun have propelled him to the forefront of the global martial arts community.

Master Nima’s expertise and proficiency in CST Wing Chun make him one of the most skilled and accomplished practitioners worldwide. His teachings transcend mere technique, offering a deep exploration of the internal skills and intricacies that define this revered martial art.

Join us at the 2024 December camp for an unparalleled opportunity to learn from Master Nima King as he shares the secrets and expertise of CST Wing Chun. With his guidance, this camp promises to be the best one yet—an immersive journey into the profound depths of Traditional Chinese martial arts. Secure your place now and embark on a transformative experience under the mentorship of Master Nima King.

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Nima King – Mindful Wing Chun • The Martial Camp 2020
Video highlights of NIMA KING THE MARTIAL CAMP 2019
“Moving from your central axis” demonstrated by Nima King at The Martial Camp 2019


Introducing Master Richard Huang 黃正斌, a distinguished practitioner and revered teacher in the world of Traditional Chinese martial arts. Master Huang’s profound journey spans over four decades, during which he has achieved mastery in White Crane, Tai Chi (Huang Sheng Shyan lineage), and various Southern Shaolin Kung Fu styles. His name resonates globally, celebrated for his deep understanding and unwavering dedication to these ancient arts.

At the heart of Master Huang’s teachings lies the Huang Sheng Shyan tradition of Tai Chi—a lineage steeped in rare knowledge passed down through generations. With generosity, he invites participants to explore Tai Chi’s intricacies and timeless wisdom, offering a glimpse into the profound depths of this ancient martial art.

Beyond his martial prowess, Master Huang is renowned for his healing abilities as a Traditional Chinese bonesetter, offering invaluable insights into restoring both body and spirit.

Join us on a captivating journey into the world of Traditional Chinese martial arts under Master Huang’s guidance. Experience firsthand the essence of Tai Chi as he illuminates the path to its profound wisdom—a journey of self-discovery and personal growth.

Secure your place now for an enriching experience at the 2024 December camp, where Master Richard Huang will lead you on a transformative journey through the realms of Tai Chi and Traditional Chinese martial arts.


Master Richard Huang’s teaching moments at The Martial Camp 2023.
White Crane Kung fu | Master Richard Huang 黃正斌.


Introducing Master Yap Boh Heong, a highly respected 3rd generation Kung-fu master with nearly 50 years of experience in the practice of Southern Shaolin TCMA (Traditional Chinese Martial Arts), NeiGong, and QiGong. Son of the legendary Grandmaster Yap Cheng Hai (YCH), a globally renowned Kung Fu master, Master Yap carries forward a legacy steeped in tradition and excellence.

Master Yap’s expertise encompasses a deep understanding of Southern Shaolin TCMA, NeiGong, and QiGong, inherited from his legendary father, Grandmaster Yap Cheng Hai (YCH). His mastery extends to the internal martial arts of Five Ancestors, WuMei, and Yan Shou Gong, making him a revered figure in the Kung Fu community.

At the heart of Master Yap’s teachings lies the secrets and internal skills of the San Zhan form of Five Ancestors, passed down through the Chee Kim Thong lineage. Through years of dedicated research and development, Master Yap has crafted a unique teaching pedagogy that simplifies complex concepts and accelerates the learning process for practitioners of TCMA.

Master Yap’s approach to teaching has garnered him international acclaim, earning him a reputation as a sought-after instructor. His passion for sharing his knowledge and guiding the next generation of Kung Fu practitioners is evident in every aspect of his teachings.

Join us as we delve into the depths of Southern Shaolin TCMA with Master Yap Boh Heong at the 2024 December camp. Discover the secrets of the San Zhan form of Five Ancestors and unlock the internal skills and nuances that define this ancient martial art.

Secure your place now for an enriching experience under the guidance of Master Yap, and prepare to embark on a journey of self-discovery and martial arts mastery.


Yap Boh Heong – 5 Ancestors Fist • The Martial Camp 2020.
“The heaviness of the Taizu blades” demonstrated by Yap Boh Heong at The Martial Camp 2019.


Introducing Master Dennis Wang, a lifelong devotee to the practice of Chinese Martial Arts and Qi Gong. With decades of dedicated practice, Master Dennis has cultivated unparalleled expertise and skills in these ancient disciplines.

In 2003, Master Dennis’s journey took a profound turn when he discovered Han Yang Ru Yi, a practice renowned for its rich history and profound healing abilities. Captivated by its power, Master Dennis embarked on a quest to master this ancient art.

In 2010, Master Dennis achieved a milestone in his journey when he was inducted as the first indoor disciple of Grandmaster Shao Xing Xuen, a testament to his dedication and commitment to the art of Han Yang Ru Yi. Since then, he has tirelessly devoted his life to spreading the practice of Han Yang Ru Yi Gong across the globe.

Master Dennis’s reach extends far and wide, with his teachings touching the lives of students in countries spanning South America, the Netherlands, Germany, the UK, Sweden, Denmark, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, and Australia. His extensive experience and unique perspective offer invaluable insights to students seeking to deepen their understanding and practice of this ancient art.

At the 2024 December camp, Master Dennis Wang will unveil the secrets of Han Yang Ru Yi – Medical Qi Gong, offering participants a rare opportunity to tap into the healing power of energy. Join us as Master Dennis shares his wisdom and teaches everyone how to harness the energy to heal others—a transformative experience that promises to enrich the mind, body, and spirit.

Secure your place now for an enlightening journey with Master Dennis Wang at the December camp, and unlock the secrets of Han Yang Ru Yi Gong under the guidance of a true master.



Meet Huai Hsiang Wang, a skilled practitioner, and traditional Chinese Kung Fu teacher. With a passion for martial arts theory and practice, he began his journey at the young age of 14, exploring multiple disciplines to enhance his knowledge and skill.

Starting with the Eight Step Praying Mantis system, which he learned from his father, the late Grand Master Wang Chieh, Huai Hsiang Wang went on to assimilate “hardcore” application skills from various martial arts systems such as Tai Chi, Hsin Yi, Aikido, and Judo.

In 2001, Huai Hsiang Wang underwent an internal transformation, shifting his mental energy from dispersion to harmonization. This transformation allowed him to reveal the dimension of internal energy, intuitively seeing the answer to all questions regarding the essence of the art, both martially and spiritually, from within himself.

Drawing from his extensive studies in T.C.M. and both Eastern and Western spiritual contexts, Huai Hsiang Wang has developed a deep understanding of Taoism, Buddhism, and Nisargadatta Maharaj, which he combines with his martial arts expertise to teach Prana Dynamics, the essence of Chinese Kung Fu.

Through the touch of an epiphany, Huai Hsiang Wang has summarized the essence of Chinese Kung Fu into “Prana Dynamics,” literally life energy in animation. He has taught Prana Dynamics internationally in workshops ever since, using a unique process he calls “Self-Validation” to digest and internalize acquired knowledge. Join him on this journey to explore the rich tradition of Chinese Kung Fu and unlock the power of Prana Dynamics.

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